Which project management certification is better: PMP or CAPM?

Which is right for you?
Because of the lucrative career options that project management offers, it is highly in demand. Project managers are highly sought after in all industries. PMP certification is what we think of when we think about project management.
Because of the eligibility criteria, not everyone can obtain PMP certification. If you are looking for project certification, but have no experience in the field then the CAPM credential might be a good option.
This article will compare PMP and CAPM, the two most popular project certifications. We will attempt to explain the differences between PMP and CAPM.
In 2022, PMP and CAPM will be the most popular certifications for project managers. Both are very popular, but there is a distinct difference between PMP and CAPM.
The eligibility criteria is the main difference between CAPM certification and PMP certification. This will be discussed in the last part of the article: CAPM certification vs. PMP.
If you are unsure whether you should take the CAPM or PMP course, this article will help you make an informed career decision.
The Basic Difference between PMP and CAPM
Let’s start with the basics: CAPM vs. PMP Definitions
What is CAPM?
For individuals who want to become project managers, CAPM is an entry-level certification. You can increase your chances of being hired for higher-paying jobs by becoming a certified associate manager.
What is PMP?
PMP is a globally recognized certification offered through the PMI institute. It is the most sought-after certification in the project management industry. You can increase your credibility with employers by completing the PMP Certification. This certification shows that you have the knowledge and expertise to successfully manage a project.
We recommend that you take the CAPM training first if you are unsure whether you should take up PMP or CAPM certification.

CAPM is a great way to start your career in project management.
Let’s now understand some important questions such as:
* CAPM vs. PMP exam difficulty
* Preparation time for the PMP exam vs CAPM
* PMP certification value vs CAPM
How difficult is the CAPM Exam?
Although it is not an easy exam, if you prepare well you might be able to pass. The difficulty of the CAPM exam depends on how much preparation you have done. You might need to put in a lot of work and use the previous study materials. You can find the CAPM study material online. To find the best CAPM study material, you can consult multiple websites. It is also recommended that you join a professional institute to receive a CAPM handbook. This will help you score well in the CAPM exam.
Preparation for the CAPM Exam
A solid CAPM study plan is necessary to pass the CAPM exam. To pass the CAPM exam with flying colors, it is recommended that you study for approximately 45-60 hours.
Comparison of PMP and CAPM Certification Value
Is CAPM worth it?
Yes, the CAPM credential will be worth it. It will improve your job prospects and give you more visibility to recruiters. A CAPM certification is also beneficial for entrepreneurs. It will increase your confidence and help you get more sales leads. We are still asking ourselves if CAPM is worth it. The answer is obvious: yes.
The CAPM exam is worth it. You will get more return on your investment. A CAPM will get a better salary package than an average individual.
Is PMP worth it?
The PMP certification is expensive, but it will give you an advantage over others and help you be more recognized in the job market. A PMP certification will improve your job prospects in both new and existing companies. After completing the PMP, you can expect to get promoted faster and higher salaries in your current organization.
Industry Experts will help you to complete PMP training and get certified
Comparision of Costs between PMP and CAPM
Cost of CAPM Certification
The cost of the CAPM exam depends on whether you are a PMI member. The CAPM PMI certification costs around 225 USD. The CAPM cost for those who are not members of the PMI will be $300 USD. If you fail, the CAPM PMI cost for re-examination is $150 and 200 respectively if you’re not a PMI member.
What is the cost of the PMP exam?
The cost of the PMP exam depends on whether or not you are a PMI member. Non-PMI members pay $555 and PMI members pay $405 for the exam.
Benefits of CAPM Credential
You can get many benefits from CAPM in your career. Let’s take a look at some of them.
* CAPM gives