VMware NSX IT Professionals: Facts to Know

VMware NSX, the network virtualization platform is like a software container. It offers virtual network pieces to connected workloads. VMware NSX is the security platform that secures the software-defined data center. NSX transforms your existing networks into a virtualized network and transforms network operations through the transmission of a new operational model.
VMware NSX certification allows you to install, configure and manage VMware NSX. NSX datacenter enables virtual cloud networks and complete data management. VMware network virtualization certification validates the skills and knowledge you have in designing, implementing, and managing VMware NSX environments.
What will you learn in the VMware certification course?
Learn how to use VMware NSX logical switching to virtualize your switching networks
Learn how to use gateway services
This article will show you how to configure firewalls
Learn how to configure and deploy VMware products NSX
Learn about VMware NSX layer 2.
How to set up, deploy, and manage logical switch networks
How to configure VMware NSX L2 bridging

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Benefits of VMware NSX certification:
Network administrators need to be familiar with different platforms as enterprises shift from traditional network solutions towards advanced software-defined networks. This course will teach you how to deploy software-defined data centers. NSX makes provisioning of networks easy and fast by using data center automation. System administrators will be able configure, manage, and troubleshoot networks and virtual environments. NSX is a part of software defined data centers concepts that provides skills knowledge and skills in networking fundamentals such as virtual routing, switching and load balancing.
You will gain expertise in:
Network Virtualization
Data center virtualization
Cloud management

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Who can get VMware Certification?
Administrators of VMware
Network engineers
IT professionals
Professionals looking to learn how to deploy SDN-based VMware infrastructure
Candidates must have at least 6 months experience in VMware vSphere implementation.
Basic knowledge of routing/switching
Basic knowledge of TCP/IP
Experience with firewalls
Basic understanding of VMware datacenter virtualization fundamental course