The 5 Software Development Trends of 2019

Software development has been the most sought-after IT job for many years and will continue to be so in 2019. According to indeed.com the average annual salary for a software engineer is $98,519 An average annual salary for a Java developer is $102,369 while an average annual salary for a.Net developer is $88,881.
2019 is expected to offer huge opportunities for software developers. This is due to the commercial viability of technologies that will open up new career paths for them. Let’s take a look at the top trends in software development that could give you the most promising career opportunities.
Blockchain: Blockchain was the most talked about technology last year. IT experts see this technology as revolutionizing every industry through the introduction of various blockchain platforms, given the incredible rise in bitcoins. In 2018, companies such as IBM have already launched their blockchain platforms. Companies are focusing on providing business solutions for the food, banking and government regulation sectors to leverage blockchain technology. This hot trend is also being followed by technology giants like Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft. They are working to improve their business processes through blockchain technology. This is a sign of the growing demand for blockchain developers in this industry over the next few years.
Internet of Things: Another fascinating IT implementation is the Internet of Things. It shows how technology can be used to make our lives easier and more manageable remotely. Imagine a coffee machine that can sync with your alarm clock to make sure you get your “Good Morning Coffee” every morning. IoT-enabled devices can capture huge amounts of data and process it for implementation. Edge computing optimizes cloud computing systems with data processing capabilities near the edge of a network. IoT-enabled edge computing is expected to revolutionize the industry through its data analytics and management capabilities.
Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part our lives thanks to smart devices that can be activated by voice and virtual assistants. These devices and the internet will generate huge amounts of data that will have a dramatic impact on AI adoption. Experts predict a huge demand for data analysts and AI specialists with the vast skills required to develop AI software.
Cybersecurity: The alarming rise in internet-related devices has raised concerns about data and information security. Cybersecurity initiatives, both internal and external, are the main focus of businesses in relation to software development. Companies have DevOps teams that are trained and built to automate security testing throughout the software development process to avoid vulnerabilities.
Virtual Reality: Since 2018, virtual reality headsets have been the focus of attention. Companies such as Facebook, HTC, and others have begun to work with VR companies to lower VR costs, create engaging and universally appealing content, and make better gear. This amazing technology is poised to lead the way in significantly expanding VR audiences.
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