Superior Network Simulators & Emulators to Cisco Certification Exams (CCNA/CCNP and CCIE).

When preparing for your CCNA or CCNP, it is important to select the right network emulator or simulator. This can be a difficult decision, especially since there is no right way to choose. It is almost impossible to test all of the programs before making a decision. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages that can help you make informed choices.
This blog post will be about three emulators and two simulators. These are GNS3, EVE NG, VIRL and Boson NetSim. These are the most used programs among the software options for gaining hands-on experience in the Routing & Switching certification track. Let’s look at these preparation tools according to their categories.
Simulator is a programming program that simulates a network topology composed of one or more network devices. Simulated network devices are not real network devices and cannot handle live network traffic like a real one. The simulated devices are limited to the commands and features that have been programmed into them. Many advanced features that real network devices can optimize are not available in the simulation options. These features include Policy Based Routing (PBR) and DMVPN (DMVPN).
Packet Tracer
This is a Cisco visual simulation tool. It simulates network topologies including Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, and other devices. Packet Tracer was originally created as an educational aid for NetAcad (Cisco Networking Academy). It has since been recognized as a simulator for entry-level Cisco credentials including CCENT. It is a free network simulator that offers many benefits. The top features include cost, device variety and compatibility, cross-platform compatibility and connection variety. Custom exercise creation, realistic terminal, lab realisticity, simulation mode, and custom exercise creation. The downsides to using Packet Tracer network simulation include bugs, custom exercises distribution, and lack of built-in labs. Software is not without its bugs. Packet Tracer has more bugs than other programs.
Despite its shortcomings, Packet Tracer remains the standard for virtual network simulators. It is free and offers a rich environment that allows professionals to explore a wide range of network devices, connections, and platforms. This makes it a popular choice. Packet Tracer is not suitable for CCIE due to limitations in the implementation of simulated Cisco IOS Software.
Boson NetSim
Boson is a well-known IT training company known for its high-quality coursework and extensive practice tests for Cisco certification exams. Boson’s NetSim app simulates Cisco network routers and switches. This app is a paid network simulator, and it has a few benefits. These include lab quality and licensing maps to exams, lab accessibility, lab customization, lab accessibility, lab accessibility, realistic terminal features and custom lab distribution. There is also less clicking than Packet Tracer.
Boson NetSim has its downsides too. These include no simulation mode and inability to modify active topology.
A network emulator is a piece of software that connects and optimizes virtual network devices. It virtualizes actual network devices. Virtual network devices often have more advanced features than the simulated ones. Virtual network devices display attributes that are very similar to the actual physical ones.
GNS3 (Graphic Network Simulator-3), an open-source client/server interface, is designed for network virtualization. This Python-based platform uses Dynamips primarily for emulating Cisco hardware and software. Dynamips, as well as GNS3, support Cisco 7200, 3745 and 3725, 3600. 2600., and 1700 router platforms. GNS3 is a free and open source emulator that offers many benefits. These include low cost, simple documentation, modifiable active topology and community labs. There are also multiple connection options. This emulator doesn’t include virtual network devices.
Cisco owns Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL). It is intended for both the individual and the educator.