New Training: Microsoft PowerPoint for Office 365

Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, covers in this 57-video entry-level training the knowledge technical and non-technical professionals need for PowerPoint and its features. This includes handling PowerPoint’s files and navigating its toolbars, creating charts with different datasets, as well as presenting effectively.
This is the new Microsoft Office training.
Many companies, organizations, or teams use PowerPoint so frequently that “PowerPoint” has become a generic noun that covers any visual presentation and any attempt to visually explain complicated topics.
If you aren’t comfortable with any aspect of creating, editing, or presenting a PowerPoint presentation, or file, you owe your career and yourself the responsibility to learn it. Bad presentations and poor collaboration will not leave you behind. This Microsoft PowerPoint training will help you feel comfortable and familiar with the software.
The nine-part series covers topics like opening, editing, sharing, and managing PowerPoint files, importing data into PowerPoint from other Microsoft products, and manipulating graphs, charts, and animations on slides.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
PowerPoint Overview
Use text to work
Use Images to Your Advantage
SmartArt, Charts and Video.
Make your presentation animated
Share and collaborate
Deliver the Presentation
Customization and Macros
PowerPoint for the Web

This training covers the following topics:
Speaker Notes
Charts and graphs
Shapes and Icons

This training includes:
Training for 7 hours
57 videos

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