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SCIT India National Event – 2020
Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology [SCIT] invited me to be their Chief Guest / Keynote Speaker at their National Event. It will be a pleasure for me to share my knowledge and advices about Information Technology, Cybersecurity with their management and students.
The SCIT National Seminar has been an unparalleled platform for critical assessment of the State of IT and related industries over the past 20 years. National Seminar has been the place where the top IT minds have met to discuss and understand the IT industry’s future.
These are the details for the National Seminar 2020:
21st National Seminar (3rd October 2020)
Date: Saturday, October 3, 2020
The digital revolution is sweeping the globe. Globally, organizations have adapted to a new norm that is primarily virtual. Many organizations are moving to a digital workplace. Companies can use Agile practices to encourage interaction, customer collaboration, flexibility and product delivery in a virtual environment.
In a virtual world, agility will be a key ingredient in fostering fluidity, creativity and innovation. It will also help ensure effective cross-functional communication and company-wide process management. It encourages flexibility, resilience, and innovation in individuals and businesses by allowing them the ability to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity even in uncertain times.
Companies must adapt to changing business needs by incorporating agility into their business models. It’s not enough to survive, being agile is a path to thriving.
Points for discussion:

20th National Seminar
National Seminar 2019, entitled “Branching traditional businesses into new verticals: a profitable deal, or a delusion”, explored the diverse opportunities and threats presented by Digital Disruption. The seminar provided insight into how companies are attempting to diversify their business lines in order to protect themselves from disruption caused by Information Technology.
19th National Seminar
National Seminar 2018, entitled “Amalgamating IoT & Big Data: A leverage for Data Analytics? or an Adversary?”, explored the two sides of Big Data and IoT. The seminar examined the integration of Big Data with IoT and the challenges and opportunities ahead. The combination of Big Data with IoT can provide a lot of leverage for different fields.
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Seminars & Guest Lectures
SCIT’s learning process is enhanced by the knowledge of current trends, business practices, and implementation issues as experienced by IT professionals. This brings students closer to the real world. Nearly 50 speakers visit the campus each year. Every term, a seminar on a current topic is organized.
National Seminar
Uncertainty, challenges, dynamic evolution, etc. IT industry has been synonymous with the words “uncertainty”, “challenges”, and “dynamic evolution” SCIT has been organizing a National Seminar since 2000 to help understand the complex nature of IT. It is a platform that brings together students and global leaders in Business and Technology to share their knowledge.
Students and industry leaders are invited to participate in interactive sessions. Students have the opportunity to present their summer internship projects and receive valuable feedback from industry leaders. National seminar has evolved to be the place where the top IT minds meet and discuss the future of the IT industry.