MVP RockStar

MVP RockStar
Who are the MVP’s?
Microsoft MVPs are technology experts who share their knowledge with the community. They are always at the “bleeding edge” of technology and have an unstoppable desire to discover new, exciting technologies. They are experts in Microsoft products and services and can combine different platforms, products, and solutions to solve real-world problems. Over 4,000 MVPs are community leaders and technical experts in over 90 countries/regions. They are driven by their passion for community spirit and a thirst for knowledge. MVPs are not only skilled in technical areas, but they also have the ability to help others. That’s what makes them unique.
What is the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award Award?
The Microsoft MVP Award has been our way to say “Thanks!” for outstanding community leaders for more than 20 years. MVPs’ contributions to the community are extraordinary. These contributions include speaking engagements, social media posts, writing books, and helping others in online communities. MVPs have access to Microsoft products early, direct communication channels to our product teams, and invitations to the Global MVP Summit, which is an exclusive annual event held at our global headquarters in Redmond.
They have a close relationship with local Microsoft teams in their region, who are there for MVPs to support and empower them to address local needs and opportunities. Other benefits include an executive appreciation letter, a Visual Studio technical subscription, and an Office 365 subscription.
What does it take for you to be a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)?
There are three simple steps to becoming an expert and doing what you love. Let us know how it goes! There is no long list of things you must do to become a MVP. Step #2 is where the best MVPs excel: they love what they do. We can see it! We’d love to hear from you, whether you’re a great speaker or a talented blogger, a top contributor to GitHub or Stack Overflow, or have a different way to share your passion about our products and services.
How can you become a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)?
Microsoft wants to honor the brightest and most talented leaders in technical communities! To be considered for the MVP Award, you must first submit a nomination referral on your behalf by either an FTE (full-time employee) or MVP (Microsoft MVP). After submitting the referral, you will receive a link to complete your award nomination. After you have submitted the nomination form, we will be reviewing your nomination. This process can take up 90 days because we sometimes receive many applications. For any questions, please contact MVP global support channel.
More information about MVP program: en-US/Overview
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7th time Microsoft MVP Award
Erdal MVP Reconnect Medal
I am pleased to have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional 2021.
It is with great pride that we announce that Erdal Ozkaya was named a Microsoft(r), Most Valuable Professional (MVP), for the period 4/1/2014 to 4/1/2015. The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes outstanding technology community leaders who share their real-world expertise with users and Microsoft. Microsoft recognizes Erdal’s outstanding contributions and wants to share our appreciation with him.
Erdal was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for this year. He joins a remarkable group of people around the globe who have shown a willingness and ability to help others, and share their technical knowledge with them.