Logitrain – How to Become a Data Scientist in Australia

Data science is a hot career in the ICT industry around the globe. Data scientists are responsible to uncover insights from large amounts of structured and unstructured information to help shape or meet specific business goals and needs. PayScale research shows that data scientists in Australia can make an average of $ 103 875 per year. Data science is becoming increasingly important due to the constant evolution of these fields.
Data scientists are responsible for organizing and analyzing large amounts of data using software that is specifically designed for this purpose. As businesses increasingly rely on data analytics to drive their decision-making, the data scientist role is becoming more important. This is a rapidly-growing position — Indeed data shows that data scientist job postings rose by 75% between January 2015 and January 2018.
Data analysis is the primary responsibility of data scientists. This begins with data collection and ends in business decisions based upon the final data analytics results. Data scientists are employed by businesses to manage unstructured data. IT personnel will be responsible, however, for maintaining and managing structured data.
Data scientist skills
William Chen, Quora’s Data Science Manager, says that the top five skills for data scientists are a combination of hard and soft skills.
Programming: Programming can improve your statistics skills, help you “analyze large data sets”, and allow you to create your own tools.
Quantitative analysis: It will increase your ability to perform experimental analysis, scale up your data strategy, and help you implement machine-learning.
Product intuition: It will help you do quantitative analysis.
Communication: One of the most important soft skills in every industry, communication skills are essential. They will allow you to “leverage all the skills previously listed”.
Teamwork: It involves being selfless, accepting feedback, and sharing your knowledge with others.

Data scientist is only one job in the growing field of data science. Not every company is hiring data scientists. These are the most sought-after data science jobs and the average salary for each, according to PayScale data:
Analytics Manager – $92,249
Data Architect – $112 790
Data Engineer – $90,811
Research Scientist – $77.330
Business Intelligence Analyst – $66,003
Statistician – $71,374
Research Analyst – $52,970

Becoming a data scientist
There are many ways to become data scientists, but the most popular route is to get a bachelor’s degree. Data science certifications are a great way to get the skills you need to become a data scientist if you don’t have a background or knowledge in data analytics or computer science.
Courses in data science certification
There are many valuable data certifications that can help you prepare for a career within this fast-growing industry. These are some of the most popular data science certifications:
Microsoft Courses
Certified Analytics Professional
SAS Academy for Data Science
Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA).
Cloudera Certified Professional: CCP Data Engineer
AWS Courses

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