Is the MS-700 worth it?

The past year has shown us that remote work is not only possible but essential. Organizations that need to keep the wheels moving with remote work tools such as Microsoft Teams can find great value in products that enable remote work.
Microsoft has been working over the years to develop the Teams platform. They have built a robust platform that seamlessly integrates with all of their Office 365 products. The MS-700 certifications aim to validate critical skills and knowledge in Teams for those who are responsible for maintaining the product every day.
What is the MS-700?
The MS-700 is part of the larger Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. As a Microsoft Teams administrator, you will be responsible to configure, deploy and manage Office 365 operations for Microsoft Teams in an enterprise environment.
You will need to learn how to manage chat, apps, channels and meetings of Teams, as well as audio conferencing, live events, calling, and audio conferencing. This certification is intended to assess candidates on the core functions that Teams uses every day. This exam also tests Powershell, which is an essential component of configuring and managing many of Teams’ settings and features.
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Start training You will also learn how external apps and services can be integrated into Teams. This skill is valuable for anyone who manages the administration and maintenance of the application.
Another aspect of the certification is that you are expected be able to work with your organization’s telephony engineering to integrate services such as voice and telephone calls into Microsoft Teams. However, you will not be responsible directly for routing or any configurations related to it.
You will most likely end working with any other team that integrates or has an interest with the use of Teams in your organization. This includes security, compliance and messaging, as well as identity and device integration.
What is the MS-700 Test?
This certification’s exam objectives cover many different areas. They all relate to key concepts that are relevant to IT fundamentals.
Configure and plan a Microsoft Teams environment. 45-50%
Chat, Calling, Meetings: 30-35%
Manage teams and app policies: 20-25%

Configure and plan a Microsoft Teams Environment
This section is the most important. This section has several large sections that you will need to cover in depth.
Upgrade from Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams. This article will discuss how to choose the best upgrade path and how to allow Skype For Business and Teams to coexist during and after the process. You will need to plan the migration and be able to troubleshoot problems as they occur.
Configure and plan the network settings for Microsoft Teams. The Network Planner tool will help you plan the network deployment and calculate the network’s bandwidth. All of this will have an impact on how Teams delivers voice, data and video to users, as well as the performance of Live Events.
You must implement governance and lifecycle management for teams. Validate your knowledge about how to create and manage templates for teams, configure Microsoft 365 groups, and set expiration and naming policies. You should also know how to archive and unarchive, restore, and delete a team.
Configure and manage guest access. You will need to know how to set up guest users, guest permissions and manage live events and meetings for guests. You must know how to remove guests from your guest list.