Is the MS-600 worth it?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service that offers many online services. Many people are familiar with Office 365 and O365, the productivity suite. However, Microsoft 365 is a more comprehensive version of that subscription that includes a lot more. This includes SharePoint, Office, OneNote, OneDrive, and Teams. These are the most popular. Microsoft Project, Intune, Publisher, and others are just a few of the many.
Microsoft was not as open to its APIs in its early days as it is today. Some APIs were seen as an afterthought or meant for internal use only. In the past 10-15 years, Microsoft has invested heavily in APIs and their polishing. They also spent a lot on certification and training. Microsoft realized that there was a great benefit to providing users with a rich ecosystem for third-party extensions and enhancements to their core tools.
What is the MS-600?
This exam’s official title is MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions using Microsoft 365 Core Services. This exam gives you the certification of Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate. This exam and the learning path provide an introductory introduction to writing applications that use the Microsoft 365 stack, as described above.
As you can see, much of it has to do with extending existing Microsoft 365 apps. Identity management is an important part of accessing those applications. That is why this objective is first.
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Get started trainingWhat is the MS-600 Exam?
The MS-600 exam can be broken down into these objectives:
Implement Microsoft Identity (20-25%)
Microsoft Graph (15-20%) – Build apps with Microsoft Graph
Extend SharePoint and Customize (15-20%)
Microsoft Teams (20-25%)
Extend Office (15-20%)

What is the MS-600 Exam Price?
The MS-600 exam is $165. To receive certification, you will need to score 700 on the single exam. There are currently some COVID-19 discounts or concessions available. Please check the pricing as it may be reduced to as low as $15 USD.
What experience do you need for the MS-600 exam?
Microsoft recommends that you have at least two years of developer experience. This is because many different technologies and tools will be used. MS-600 expects to have some knowledge about REST and JSON. Microsoft 365 provides many authentication and authorization mechanisms for identity management and authentication.
This exam covers the Microsoft 365 stack, so it is very helpful to have product knowledge. This certification covers a wide range of technologies. If you don’t have any prior experience with the various parts of the certification, it can be difficult for you to understand them all. This is because it is possible to learn REST, then move on to Product Knowledge of Teams, and then manage the Identity Management of a Team session.
Who Should Take the MS-600 Exam?
This exam is very specific and focuses on a niche. This test and the subsequent certification are ideal for any developer who is interested in writing Microsoft 365 apps. While having the experience mentioned above is very helpful, studying for this exam will help you to gain knowledge about these technologies. If you have not had much exposure to it before, it would be slow going.
Many system administrators and IT professionals who are more focused on the infrastructure side of IT try to get into coding. This path is not suitable for someone who only occasionally writes code as a hobby. They may choose to go in more general or less specialized directions.
MS-600 Junior Developer
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