Is the MS-500 worth it?

Microsoft products and technologies are all around. They offer more than an operating system. They also offer complete system and network security setups. Microsoft offers tools and software that can protect identities, data, and applications in a variety of environments, including small networks and large enterprise networks. The Microsoft MS-500 certification and the Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate certificate are great options for IT professionals.
Everyone is busy and it can be difficult to find the time and money to invest in certifications – and even more difficult to study for the exam. A certification can seem like a distraction to new IT professionals. For someone who has been working in IT for a while, it may seem like a distraction. However, if you are already working on advanced technologies, it may not be a waste of time. In both cases, this could be true. Read on to find out if studying for the MS-500 is worthwhile.
What is the MS-500?
The MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam is required to obtain the associate-level certification, Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate. Microsoft offers many certifications for IT professionals. The Microsoft 365 Certified track covers all options and tools that are included with the Microsoft Windows 365 subscription.
Microsoft believes that a company should subscribe long-term, then hire (or train), a Microsoft 365 Security administrator to manage the security configurations and identity. Microsoft can rest assured that the administrator has been certified and that the product will be managed well. A Microsoft security administrator is a trained and certified Microsoft security administrator who implements and manages security, compliance, responds to threats and enforces data governance.
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What is the MS-500 Test?
The MS-500 exam is the only requirement to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate certification. It tests four skill areas.
Manage identity and access
Manage and implement threat protection
Manage and implement information protection
Microsoft 365 allows you to manage compliance and governance features

Each skill area focuses on Microsoft tools that are pre-loaded with Microsoft 365. The MS-500 does not focus on security theory. Instead, it focuses on actually using Microsoft security tools and identity tools. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be useless to security professionals working on other OSes than Windows. However, much of the content is specific for Microsoft.
What is the MS-500 Exam Price?
The MS-500 exam costs $165.00 The exam has no prerequisites, and you can take it online. This makes the MS-500 exam a very affordable $165. The certification is intended for associate-level security professionals. However, it is a good idea to take a practice exam before you actually take it. If you need to enroll in classes or courses, this cost should also be considered.
What experience do you need for the MS-500 exam?
Technically, MS-500 doesn’t require any prerequisites. The certification, the Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate, does not require any prior experience. This certification and the exam are intended to verify that an associate security administrator is familiar with all tools and features offered by Microsoft for any c