Is the MD-101 worth it?

The MD-101 is a standard for IT professionals looking to make a career in desktop or system administration. Earning your MD-101 certificate is a key step in deciding if you want to pursue a career in IT. To prepare for the exam, it’s important to complete Windows 10 training courses.
Although the MD-101 exam is intermediate-level, passing it is not guaranteed. It’s worth knowing before you go whether the MD-101 certification exam is right for you. We’ll explain what the MD-101 exam is, what you can expect on it, what career fields it leads to, as well as whether it’s worth the money and time it takes to take it.
What is the MD-101?
Microsoft offers the MD-101 exam. Its full title is MD-101 Managing Modern Desktops. To earn Microsoft’s intermediate-level certification, Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, a desktop administrator must pass the MD-101 exam.
Two exams will be required for desktop or systems administrators who want to pursue their Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (MDAA). These exams are the MD-101, and the MD-100: Windows 10. The MD-100, as the name suggests, covers Windows 10 administration. These two exams together test your ability to manage policy and profile management, and app management. You can take one or both of these exams, but you won’t be able to earn the MDAA without the other.
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Start trainingMD-100 is focused more on configuring Windows 10 on a single device, while MD-101 examines your ability to use Windows machines in an enterprise environment. MD-101 is designed to test administrators’ ability to manage and deploy devices and apps in an enterprise environment.
What is the MD-101 Test?
The MD-101 exam covers four main areas of interest. The largest portion of the exam consists of updating and deploying operating systems. It accounts for approximately 35-40% of its content. The exam covers approximately 25-30% of managing policies and profiles. The exam covers 20-25% of managing and protecting devices. It’s an important part of the exam, but it’s only 10-15% that focuses on it.
The first part, deploying operating systems and updating them, will require knowledge about implementing Windows 10 using dynamic deploy, using Windows Autopilot, upgrading devices, managing updates, and managing authentication.
The second exam objective, Manage Policies and Profiles, requires an administrator to understand comanagement strategies and policies, conditional access policies, compliance policies, and how to configure and manage device profiles.
The third objective of MD-101, Manage and Protect Devices, requires a working knowledge about Windows Defender and Intune device inventory and enrollment. Administrators will also need to know how to monitor and secure devices in Windows 10 environments.
The final exam objective for MD-101 concerns managing apps and data. Administrators should be able to deploy apps through Windows many different outlets and stores (like Intune or MS Store), and how to implement Mobile Application Management (also known as MAM).
How Much Does the MD-101 Exam Price?
The MD-101 certification costs $165. The MD-101 is just half of the certifications required to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. The other certification, MD-100, will cost $165. However, you can take the MD-101 even if you have never taken the MD-100.
What experience do you need for the MD-101 exam?
The MD-101 associate certification exam is intermediate-level and can be taken by those with moderate experience. It is not a certification exam.