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To secure your future, you will need certifications such as Salesforce CPQ Specialist when searching for a job in today’s highly competitive job market. The most sought-after credentials are the internationally recognized Salesforce Certifications. They show your commitment to your career, and open up opportunities for lucrative career opportunities.
Passing the Salesforce CPQ Specialist exam can be difficult. The difficulty of the exam is often high due to its reputation. However, it is much easier to pass the exam if you have the right resources. Let’s first understand the exam in greater detail.
Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam Overview
The Certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist credential was created for individuals who have had experience implementing Salesforce CPQ. This credential is for Salesforce customers, partners, employees, and others who are looking to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in creating, building, and implementing quoting flows using the Salesforce CPQ platform. Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialists can demonstrate their ability to organize bundle configurations, pricing, output documents, renewals, and amends after qualifying.
Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Skills Acquired
Candidats for this exam will be able complete the following tasks competently:
Composite summary variable is the best place to start
Block with a discount schedule
Nested bundles are also available
Also, Nested quote terms
Furthermore, Advanced grouping
Lastly, advanced quote template topics
Target Audience
This exam is for Salesforce customers, partners, employees, and Salesforce employees who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in designing, building and implementing quoting flows via the Salesforce CPQ platform.
Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam Format
The exam format provides deep insight into the types and length of questions, time duration, and length of the exam. This information will help you plan your study strategy and prepare you for the exam. The Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification covers 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions. The exam takes 105 minutes. You must also score at least 65% to pass the exam. The exam is USD 200 plus applicable taxes, as per local law. It is also a proctored exam that is delivered at a testing center or online.
Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam Objectives
The exam Course Outline gives you a clear view of the exam. It outlines the exam objectives and the skills you need to pass the exam. It also provides information about the exam domains. These domains include subtopics. This is done to assist candidates in preparing for the exam by identifying specific topics that could be tested.
CPQ Platform: 23%
To meet business requirements, you can design, configure, or troubleshoot price regulations using formula fields and lookup objects.
To meet your pricing and business needs, you should be able to understand the quote calculation sequence and the quote line pricing fields.
To ensure users can meet their job requirements, you can use custom permissions, record types and field sets as well as out-of-the box and custom permissions.
Demonstrate knowledge of CPQ data flow (e.g. twin fields) across CPQ objects in a business process.
Demonstrate knowledge of the CPQ object-data model in relation to data migration.
CPQ can be set up to localize and multi-currency international customers and users.
Given a scenario, determine the CPQ package-level settings.
Find out how the CPQ managed bundle fits into a Salesforce org.
Bundle Configurations: 17%
To meet the needs of a given scenario, create a bundle structure.