How to get Project Management Experience Steve Tkalcevich is an associate of the Lakeshore chapter of PMI in Canada. His chapter partnered up with another community organization to accomplish something amazing. He gained great experience and continues to volunteer. Steve said in an email exchange that he is now volunteering as a project manager for a local gallery. It’s a great way for you to give back to your community and build relationships with those you work alongside. You can also showcase your skills and create great stories to share during interviews. The PMI project was the most rewarding project I ever did. Even though I work in IT Infrastructure and Web development, I always mention it in job interviews. Steve was kind enough to share some other benefits that he has received from volunteering to do project work. There are many other benefits to volunteering for project management.

  • A feeling of belonging to the community, even though there was no real connection.
  • Find a passion you have never had before
  • This could change how you manage your team members and your emotional intelligence.
  • Volunteering allows you to see the difficulties people face, depending on the cause. This may change your future plans based on what your experience has shown you.
  • It brings with it a sense of responsibility that was absent before.

Question: What’s holding you back? What’s stopping you from managing projects if you don’t have any experience? What are your options if you are interested in project management as a career? Answer: You are the only one who can make these opportunities come true. “I asked if volunteers were needed and they said no.” It is not enough. Make sure you create the opportunities. You can propose a project, get support and buy-in, then go do it. You can do it in a non-profit, in your business, at school, or anywhere else. Opportunities are not always in your reach. You can’t wait to see them. Do it. P.S. P.S. – Steve and his team are an inspiration to me! Congratulations on the 2010 Community Advancement Award by PMI!