How difficult is the novel CCNA to master?

Cisco modified a lot of its certification programs in the past year, mainly at the CCNA level. Instead of having individual certifications in specific areas like security and cloud, there is only one CCNA certification.

We are now well past February 24, 2020 which was the date for the novel CCNA certificate; we can still appraise the novel CCNA. What effect did these modifications have on the CCNA certifications Is the new CCNA harder or easier than the old CCNA?
Understanding What’s Novel
You had the freedom to choose from the following options for your CCNA training before February 24, 2020:
CCNA Wireless
CCNA Collaboration
CCNA Cloud
CCNA Industrial
CCNA Data Center
CCNA Service Provider
CCNA Routing & Switching

To become a CCNA, you had to pass at least two exams. In some cases, it was even more. It was not always easy to change the trail you were following if something happened while you were working on your CCNA. To become a CCNA, you must pass one exam. If you are new to Cisco certifications, you will have more flexibility by specializing.
How difficult is the Novel CCNA?
The new CCNA is just being launched. It will take a while to determine the success rate. However, we can draw some inferences right now. The novel CCNA seems to be more difficult than the older version.
You will need to have a higher comprehension pedestal in order to make the modifications. Previously, clearing CCENT was a way to ease your entry into CCNA Routing & Switching. CCENT retired on February 24, 2020. This helped you to get into other CCNA pathways. This is not possible anymore, which can increase the difficulty of achieving the novel CCNA.
The CCNA is a novel certification that ensures you don’t miss the main areas. They have been replaced by Specialist Certifications. You will now be required to take the exam that covers additional basics of networking. This requires a thorough analysis and knowledge of all material. The exam is therefore more demanding than the CCNA.
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