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The HealthCare Information Security Practitioner (HCISPP), is the best certification for candidates who have the knowledge and experience to implement and maintain privacy controls in a healthcare facility. HCISPP validates a practitioner’s knowledge and experience in protecting organizations and sensitive data from emerging breaches and warnings.
The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium has awarded the HCISPP certification. The certification demonstrates expertise in the most important areas of privacy and security of healthcare data. HCISPP is one the most recent (ISC2) credentials that was introduced in 2013. It also places a greater emphasis on healthcare regulatory issues, data management, and risk management. The majority of the principles covered in the HCISPP exam pertain to healthcare. This means that there is a greater emphasis on privacy than security.
Target Audience: HCISPP exam
The HCISPP is a great tool for information security professionals who are responsible for protecting protected health information (PHI).
First, Compliance Officer
Information Security Manager
Thirdly, the Privacy Officer
The Compliance Auditor is next
Anschließend, Risk Analyst
Medical Records Supervisor
Information Technology Manager is also required
Privacy and security consultants are also available
Then, Health Information Manager
Practice Manager
Prerequisites for HCISPP Exam
Prerequisites are an essential part of any exam. These are the prerequisites for any exam.
First, the candidate must be at least two years old and have knowledge in the HCISPP areas.
A candidate without the required experience can become an Associate of the (ISC)2 without having to take the HCISPP exam. The Associate of (ISC2)2 will then have three years to gain the two years of experience.
HCISSP Exam Study guide
Preparation resources are essential to your success and reaching your goals. These resources will help you build a stronger foundation for your exam. This will increase your chances of getting the desired result. The HCISPP Exam Preparation Resources below will help you get the perfect score. Let’s get started with the HCISPP Exam guide
Step 1: Review all HCISPP Exam Objectives
The study guide begins with a review of all exam objectives. To do this, visit the Official Website for HCISPP exam. This is the official site, and for obvious reasons. This will give you a clear understanding of all information regarding the HCISPP exam. Before you begin your preparations, ensure that you are fully informed about exam policies.
Step 2- Download HCISPP Exam skill Outline
You must also download the exam skill outline from the official websiteitself. The HCISPP Exam Outline can be downloaded to get the most current exam outline. The outline lists all domains and subtopics. You should not rely on any other website than the official one. The official website is the best source of reliable information as the exam is updated every few years. It is important to familiarize yourself with the exam course in order to understand the concepts. These are the 7 domains covered by this exam:
Domain 1. Healthcare Industry
This domain includes topics such as Understanding the Healthcare Environment Components, Understanding Third-Party Relations and Understanding Foundational Health Data Management Concepts.
Domain 2. Domain 2.
This domain will help you understand Information Governance Frameworks and identify Information Governance Roles, Responsibilities. Align Information Security and Privacy Standards and Procedures. Also, be familiar with and adhere to the Code of Conduct/Ethics for Healthcare Information Environments
Domain 3. Information Technologies in Healthcare
This domain also includes understanding the Impact Healthcare Information Technologies on Privacy & Security. Understand Data Life Cycle Management, Third-Party Connectivity and Data Life Cycle Management.
Domain 4. Regulatory and Standards Environment
This domain aims to identify and recognize regulatory requirements, as well as control laws and regulations in various countries. Also, learn about Compliance Frameworks
Domain 5. Domain 5.
Subsequently, in this domain topics covered are understand Security Objectives/Attributes Understand General Security Definitions and Concepts. Also, learn about Privacy Definitions and Concepts. Also, understand the relationship between privacy and security.
Domain 6. Domain 6.
This domain focuses upon understanding Enterprise Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Information Risk Management Framework. Understand the Risk Management Process, identify Control Assessment procedures, and utilize Organization Risk Frameworks. Participate in Risk Assessment Consistently with the Role in Organization, and understand Risk Response. Also, use Controls to Remediate the Risk Participate in Continuous Monitoring.
Domain 7. Domain 7.
This domain also covers concepts to understand the definition of third-parties in healthcare context, maintain a list of Third-Party organizations, and apply management standards and practices for engaging third-parties. You can also determine when a Third Party Assessment is necessary, support Third Party Assessments and Audits, and participate in Third Party Remediation Efforts. Respond to Privacy/Security Notifications.