Famous American Project Managers

This infographic features 5 famous project managers from American history. Before I saw the graphic, I had never thought about which project managers from history should be highlighted. I must also admit that I wasn’t familiar with the work of each candidate. This picture provided me with a great learning opportunity.
As I look at the image, I think:
John Findley Wallace resigned after only one year. His two successors get more credit than he does. Is he well-known for his role as the Panama Canal’s first project manager? Is he truly infamous? ?
What about Steve Jobs? He made sure that there was. DRI, Directly Responsible Individual, he was a champion for project management. He is most well-known as a project manager. ?
What about Henry Gantt ?
No women or minorities ?
It is easy to criticize existing work. I applaud the LiquidPlanner team, who provided us with this great food for thought. It is not called “Five Famous American Managers” but “The Five Best Project Managements” or “The Five Most Important Project Managements”. Each one is well-known and accomplished in his own way. It’s a great conversation piece, and I invite you to join the conversation.
This graphic and list of project managers would be your top five. You can also submit your entries about famous project managers in our comments section. This is not a discussion about American project managers.
Perhaps you will be able to make the famous project manager’s list one day!

5 Famous Project Managers in American History – An infographic created by the LiquidPlanner team