Excuses for Project Managers

Andrew Meyer wrote about a quick way to cut to the chase when it is time to find excuses. He and his readers created a list with numbered excuses so people can refer to them by number rather than having to manually voice them.
This is great! You could use it with a spinning wheel or one of those dice with so many sides. There are so many possibilities! You could even invite the team to participate by choosing someone from a hat to roll the die or spin the wheel during a team meeting to decide which excuses to use. Talk about teamwork!
Number 12 is my favorite. It says, “The Development, Testing and QA, Production environments don’t look the same, the Sysadmins looking at it, they should be done …”” Another popular one: “We are working that with xxxx we should have more information before the [day, week] end.” Next week’s meeting: “We’re working on that with …. we should have more information before the [day, weeks].”