Everything You Need to Know About Cisco Meraki Certification

Cloud computing is the backbone of almost every digital service, including social media and live streaming, to autonomous Internet of Things infrastructure (IoT). Cloud computing is gaining popularity because of its cost-savings advantages. Businesses are eager to adopt the new model. Cisco Meraki allows IT professionals to centrally manage all Meraki network devices.
Cisco Meraki is a complete networking solution that can be used in many environments. It has over half a million customers, 2.5 million active networks and more than 190+ countries. These deployments become more complex, so organizations need to have people they can trust to keep their networks safe, secure, and running smoothly.
The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification recognizes the experience of your team in Meraki solutions. Cisco Meraki is one the most secure cloud solutions. It allows users to manage Meraki network device through a single secure platform. Its Cloud architecture allows for secure, deployable and scalable networks that can be easily managed. You can manage and expand your Meraki deployments as your network grows.
What is Cisco Meraki?
Cisco acquired Meraki in 2012 and it is now part Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group. Cisco Meraki changed the way we think about network administration. This platform is designed to simplify infrastructure management. Cisco Meraki supports businesses in growing and becoming more efficient. Cisco Meraki is a software defined networking technology that can run in the Cloud. It is suitable for small, medium and large businesses. You can read one of our blogs to learn more about Cisco Meraki and the benefits it offers your company.
Meraki’s technology blends Cisco’s best networking practices with a user-friendly web-based administration interface. A well-designed web management platform, network devices built to a high standard, create high-performance network outcomes. IT teams are less burdened by the operational burden. Meraki platform allows smaller networks to significantly improve their overall performance by streamlining deployment, improving incident response effectiveness, and increasing network security. Let’s take a look at the core principles of Meraki cloud networking, and how you can implement it in your organization.
Cisco Meraki training would enable your organization to be agile and deliver outstanding customer service. The IT teams will be able to manage the network globally and accommodate any application. They can also monitor and control hardware. Your organization will be able to create amazing infrastructure results by learning and installing Meraki. This will allow you to deliver great business solutions.
Who can get Cisco Meraki certification
Cisco Meraki Solutions powers more than 2.5 million active networks across more than 190 countries. The question is how well your team can manage these new networks. Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification certifies employees’ proficiency with Meraki technology design, deployment, and operation. Cisco Meraki is the complete IT solution for your team. Provide your team with industry-level training so they can earn the full Meraki certification.
Before we dive deeper into the job roles and professionals who could choose the Cisco Meraki Certification, let’s first understand the Cisco Meraki Certification process. Here are the Cisco Meraki certifications:

Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certification
The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification is a sign of proficiency in the design, implementation and operation Meraki systems.
Your employee must pass the Cisco Meraki Solutions (ECMS 500-220), exam to become a Cisco Meraki Solutions specialist. This exam measures a candidate’s ability to design, implement, monitor, and troubleshoot Meraki solutions. Preparation for this exam can be done by taking the courses Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 1, and Part 2.
To prepare for the certification, the best way is to complete the Cisco-approved training to pass Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions v1.0 exam (ECMS 500-220). To help your employees prepare to take the exam, there are two Cisco courses:
The Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 1 Course (ECMS1) v2.1 – This is a one-day introductory course which equips you with technical knowledge and skills to confidently manage Cisco Meraki solutions as a unified network management system from a centralized dashboard.
Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 2 – (EC)