EC-Council CSCU – Build Data Security Awareness in Your Organization

As cybersecurity incidents have increased over the past few years, so too has the loss. According to the Cyberthreat Defense Report 2021 86% of organizations claim that they have suffered at least one successful attack by 2021. According to the Cyberthreat Defense Report 2021, the average cost of a data breaches incident in 2020 was US$ 3.86million. Because of COVID-19 disruptions, organizations today are more dependent on remote work environments than ever. With that, the risk for cyber-attacks has increased.
EC-Council is a cybersecurity certification body that has been helping organizations to upskill their workforce in order to tackle security challenges. The Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU) is one of the EC-Council training programs. The CSCU training program is designed for essential awareness of different cyber threats and protection of information assets.
This article will explain why data security awareness is essential for your organization. It also explains how EC-Council’s CSCU training could help you fight cyber-attacks.
Data security awareness is essential in your company
In the past, cybersecurity was primarily the IT department’s responsibility. With employees working remotely and using different types of devices to access their work, security is now more the responsibility of the individual user than the IT department. To prevent digital asset theft attacks, IT teams must regularly train employees in data security.
Data security awareness is about educating employees about the importance of information security, and defining their roles in protecting the organization’s information assets.
Cybersecurity incidents often show that end-users are the easiest targets for cybercriminals to gain access to an organization’s digital assets. A Cybint report found that 95% of cybersecurity breaches were caused by human error. Many cybersecurity attacks are caused by a lack of awareness among end users.
Cyber threats can be mitigated by establishing data security awareness within your organization. The awareness program will help your organization meet security standards and comply with regulations. This program helps you build trust among your customers, which in turn can help you bring in more business. Your organization can reduce downtime due to security breaches by preventing cyber-attacks.
Your organization can reduce data breaches by creating a plan to increase data security awareness. Employees who are familiar with various cyber-attack types can identify potential data breaches and alert the IT security department so they can take swift action to secure assets and strengthen security. Basic cybersecurity training can improve security in an organization.
EC-Council’s CSCU Program
The CSCU training program was created by EC-Council to assist organizations in upskilling their employees and increasing awareness of cybersecurity threats. Through the training program, employees learn how to protect digital assets on various platforms and mobile devices. This course covers data protection, password security, disaster recovery, credit card security, credit card security, safe browsing, and data protection. It is essential for preventing cyber threats.
Employees can learn best practices for browsing websites, using email communications, social media accounts, and cloud platforms. After completing the training, employees are eligible to take the (112-12), CSCU: Certified Secure Computer Users exam and become certified.
CSCU Training
There are two options available if you want to enroll your team into the CSCU training programme:
NetCom Learning is an authorized training partner and offers the virtual instructor-led EC-Council program. Your team can interact and learn from an expert trainer, who can answer any questions during the live sessions.
You can also opt for NetCom’s EC Council Certified Secure Computer User eLearning course. This program will allow you to access training modules for one year and receive e-courseware. The e-Learning program allows your team to learn at its own pace.