DP-420 Cosmos DB certification: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft announced the Azure Cosmos Database Developer Specialty certification via a blog post in the technical community. Microsoft released the Certified Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty certificate (DP-420), in November 2021, for programmers who work on data models, distribution, data loading into Azure Cosmos DB databases, system optimization, and management.
You will need to have experience in advanced planning, monitoring, and using cloud-native apps that control and store data to be eligible for the Azure Cosmos Database Developer Specialty certificate.
Why not get the Cosmos DB Certificate?
Getting Cosmos DB certified has several benefits:
Structured learning: Candidates can quickly and efficiently improve their Azure knowledge using structured learning. There are many online resources that can help you master Azure services’ theoretical as well as practical ideas, including tutorials and courses.
Asset for a corporation: Azure allows you to get the most out the Azure cloud environment by connecting you between your on-premises data centers with the cloud. This allows small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), to improve their cloud infrastructure.
You can improve your DevOps skills: DevOps skills enable you to provide cloud services like application design and implementation techniques. Process automation and continuous delivery are all possible.
Who can become certified?
This exam is for software developers who are proficient in the following areas:
Core (SQL API), NoSQL product and various SDKs are used to develop applications
Writing precise queries and creating high-quality index policy policies
Azure resources provisioning and management
JavaScript allows you to create server-side objects
Interpreting JSON, reading, writing C#, Java or Python in an Azure-supported language at intermediate level
How do you prepare for the DP420 exam?
There are two options when it comes to studying for the DP420 Cosmos DB(beta) exam. You can either get the learning path online (a free course), or hire specialists to help build a solid core knowledge of the subject. NetCom Learning has trained gurus to provide hands-on instruction to prepare for the industry.
Start your preparations today by taking the NetCom Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Course.
Skills required
You must complete specific technical tasks in order to appear for the certification exam. These are just a few of the tasks you will need to complete in order to pass the certification exam.
Implement data models (35-40%)
Design and implement data distribution (5-10%)
Integrate an Azure Cosmos DB solution (5-10%)
Optimize an Azure Cosmos DB solution (15-20%)
Maintain an Azure Cosmos DB solution (25-30%)
NetCom Learning offers a 4-day, 32-hour course to help you create and deploy cloud applications. You will get the most from the cloud with the approved Microsoft Azure training courses. Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) will provide the training. The recordings of your class sessions will be available for one year. You can also access NetCom365 portal to receive 24×7 learner assistance.
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