Cisco Certification is your fast track to success

All Cisco Certification exams and programs can be found in one place. Logitrain can help you find CCENT, CCNA R&S or CCNP certifications. All classes are available morning, evening and night shifts. Classes are also available on weekends or weeknights. Logitrain has helped over 10,000 IT professionals start their careers. Logitrain offers the most cost-effective and convenient training. You can even take the Cisco exam in our facilities.
CCNA Routing & switching Authorised Training
CCNA is an entry-level certification that follows CCENT. It serves as the foundation for CCNP, CCIP and CCVP Certifications. A CCNA R&S student will be able to learn and master Cisco’s IOS, TCP/IP, LAN, and WAN technologies, management, switching protocols, troubleshooting, and the OSI model.
Logitrain’s unique CCNA course consists in intensive hours of classroom activity and lap practice to ensure success on the CCNA R&S certification exams. Students are provided with mock exams and training materials at no cost. Logitrain requires that students fully commit to the program. Logitrain cannot force you into the exams. Students have unlimited remote lab access to practice during and after Classroom.
CCNA R&S Basics
Cisco created this popular certification in networking to recognize and gain basic competence in the installation and support medium-sized networks. To improve the skills of IT professionals to pursue a career in networking. The CCNA certification is applicable to both IP and non-IP networks, including AppleTalk and IPX. Candidates who are qualified for CCNA R&S certification will be evaluated in their ability to set up, configure, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain medium-sized routed and switched networks. It also covers the verification and implementation of connections to remote sites within a WAN.
CCNA Routing & Switching Certification Exams
The CCNA Routing & Switching exam takes approximately 2 hours and there are no prerequisites. There are approximately 78 questions. The older CCNA exams took between 75-90 minutes and contained only 65 questions. To pass the CCNA R&S exam you must answer approximately 80 percent of the questions correctly. The CCNA R&S exam can be taken as a single exam or as two separate exams. Candidates are required to be fully prepared for these exams. Otherwise, precious money will be wasted.
CCNA R&S Career Outlook
Today, CCNA R&S is one of the most sought after network certifications. It is a valuable addition to your resume and continues to grow in popularity. CCNA-certified professionals often land the following jobs with their respective salary.
Network Engineer $42,482 – $87,506
Sr. Network Engineer $61,858 – $112,113
Information Technology (IT Manager) $45,874 – $109 5,581
Network Administrator, IT $30.883 – $72,625
Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) $39,990 – $91,477