AWS Interaction Tool – Certification

AWS Interaction Tools Overview
AWS API driven and AWS Interaction Tools offer many options for enabling interaction with its services and features.
AWS Management console
AWS Management console provides a graphical user interface for accessing AWS
AWS management console needs credentials in the form User Name and Password to log in. It uses Query APIs underlying to interact with AWSAWS Command line Interface (CLI).
AWS Command Line Interface is a unified tool that allows you to interact with all parts of AWS.
This command supports a wide range of AWS products and is available on Windows, Mac, or Linux
CLI requires Access key and Secret key credentials. It uses Query APIs to interact with AWS
CLI creates and sends requests to AWS for your company. They also sign the requests with an access key you provide.
Software Development Kits (SDKs).
Software Development Kits (SDKs), which simplify the use of AWS services in your apps, provide an API that is tailored to your programming language and platform.
The SDKs support a wide variety of languages, including Java, PHP and Ruby, as well as.Net, GO and Node.js.
SDKs create and send AWS requests for you. They also sign those requests using your access key.
The SDKs also handle many connection details such as calculating signatures and handling request retries.
Query APIs provide HTTP or HTTPS requests using the HTTP verb GET and POST, as well as a query parameter named “Action”.
CLI required Access key and Secret key credentials to allow it to interact
Query APIs are the heart of access tools. You will need to calculate signatures and attach them as part of the request AWS Certification Exam Practice Question
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TRUE (Refer to link)AWS Identity and Access Management is only available through which interface?AWS Management ConsoleB] Command line interface(CLI)C] IAM Query APID] Existing librariesOnly via Command line interface [CLI]
A, B, and C
A and C
All of the aboveWhich one of the following programming languages has an AWS SDK that is officially supported? Select 2 answersPHP
PerlHTTP Query-based requests are HTTP requests that use the HTTP verb GET or POST and a Query parameter named_____________.Action