Australia’s highest-paid IT jobs

There are many IT jobs available in Australia. Are you looking for the best IT Jobs Australia has to offer? These are the highest-paid IT jobs in Australia, according to our research:
IT system architects
IT Managers
IT Security architects
Cloud engineers
Data scientists
Python developers
IT consultants
Project managers
Software engineers
DevOps engineers

IT system architects:
IT systems architects plan and design the best combination of IT components to achieve a business goal. The average salary of an IT systems architect in Australia is $140k. However, more experienced architects make more. There are more jobs available than 1000 in Australia. A system architect can take between 10 and 15 years to learn because it requires the ability see the big picture and meet the client’s needs using different tools and modeling.
IT managers:
IT managers are responsible to coordinate, plan and lead activities within an organization. In Australia, the average salary for senior IT managers is around $100k. There are currently more than 8000 jobs available in Australia. IT managers set the deadlines for projects, analyze the workflows, and establish the priorities every day.
IT security architects
Security architects are responsible for designing, building and testing security systems within an organisation. This position has an average salary of over $100k in Australia. There are more than 100 job vacancies in Australia.
Cloud engineers:
Cloud engineers are responsible to manage cloud-based systems. This position pays an average of $70k. There are currently more than 700 job openings in Australia.
Data scientists:
Data scientists can collect structured and unstructured data, then analyse it to create plans for organizations. There are many jobs available in Australia. The average salary for data scientists is $80k
Python developers:
Backend development is the responsibility of Python developers. They are responsible for designing, deploying, and debugging projects. The average salary for Python developers in Australia is $100k. There are more than 2000 job vacancies in Australia.
IT consultants:
They analyze the current capabilities and limitations of the organisation and determine the functional requirements in order to develop IT strategies that will help them reach their goals. There are currently more than 11000 open positions in the country. IT consultants with experience are always in high demand.
Project managers:
Project managers are responsible to plan, organise, and complete projects within the budget, time, and scope. Project managers are responsible for monitoring the progress of work, conducting meetings and communicating with team members. This domain has more than 600 jobs. This position has an average income of around $100k
Software engineers:
Software engineers are able to design, develop, and maintain systems. Although they have programming skills, they don’t know how to write code. Software engineers can make more than other IT jobs. This position has an average salary of about $100k. This field has many positions.
DevOps engineers:
DevOps refers to a combination of software development and IT operations. It is designed to reduce the time it takes to develop a system and ensure continuous delivery of high quality software. The salary of a DevOps engineer is more than $100k. More than 1000 positions are available in Australia.
There are many other IT and IT-related jobs available in the country. Most IT jobs pay around $100k on average. IT jobs are easier for those who have local experience and qualifications. Are you looking for the best IT courses in Australia to get a job or are you interested in how to get an IT job? After internships, recent graduates get entry-level IT jobs. New candidates to the IT field will need to undergo training and achi