aikon group: ActiveCollab Is Much Better

Marina is my name and I work as a Project Manager at aikon. Since 2005, the aikon Group has been developing solutions on Microsoft.net for over a decade. We worked on products and projects in e-commerce as well as financial, real estate, and tourism. All of our Salesforce consultants have been certified since 2015 and have participated in many Salesforce projects. ActiveCollab was not fully utilized when I started working. It took me more than four months of teaching and pushing my team to use ActiveCollab properly. It was difficult for the development team to accurately fulfill task descriptions and ensure that time was correctly added. I have been able to create great reports that have made it easier to calculate. ActiveCollab is a great timesheet tool that allows you to see all of your tasks in one place. ActiveCollab is better than Asana and Trello because it provides more details and is easier to use. Keep moving forward and remember to always have the incredible support you have.