8 High-Paying Jobs That You Can Qualify for in 14 Weeks (And 3 Other Jobs You Can Get with a Little More Work).

You would likely be committed if you spent $140,000 and 4 years of you life building a house, and then you didn’t live there.
Why is it okay for millions of students not to know what their future job or salary will look like after they graduate?
If you are able to afford college and not worry about finding a job, we recommend it. You may need to seriously consider what kind of job your education and training will lead you to.
Coding bootcamps offer a quick and affordable way to improve your employment prospects over the next 35 years.
Want proof? Glassdoor has published their list of highest-paying entry-level positions. It reads like a list that our grads pursued right after bootcamp.
Bootcamp: Jobs you can qualify for

Our program is called a coding bootcamp because it instills students with hard and fast skills so that they can get to work.
These skills are centered around a 3-stack programming program that teaches you the coding languages most in demand by tech companies (think Amazon, Airbnb and Facebook).
Many bootcamps focus on one stack rather than three. This can limit job opportunities and make it more difficult to learn new languages. Trust us, Coding Dojo can be hard work but the average salary of our alumni after the program is over is $76,500.
Software EngineerMedian base Salary: $90,000.
Java DeveloperMedian base salary: $72,000
Software developerMedian base salary: $68,600
Front End DeveloperMedian base pay: $67,000.
Applications developerMedian base salary: $65,000
Test EngineerMedian base salary: $65,000
Base salary for Quality EngineerMedian: $64,500
Base salary for Business AnalystMedian: $63,000
With a little more experience, you can get jobs

Data ScientistMedian base salary: $70-$95,000
Additional experience: Many people are able to add the coding language Python on their resumes to become data scientists in their former fields.
Product ManagerMedian base salary: $89,000
Additional experience: A combination of coding knowledge and a background in product management can make you an exceptional product manager.
Product DesignerMedian base salary: $85,000
Additional experience: Although bootcamp doesn’t cover design, UX skills can be invaluable if you learn the software behind creating hardware.
Bootcamp: A Job You Won’t Qualify for

Base Salary for Physical TherapistMedian: $63,918
Experience: Bootcamp won’t help unless you want to create your own physical therapy app (probably called “PhyTher”).
14 Weeks. 3 Stacks. 1 Whole New Career
Your job will be your mainstay for the rest of your life. It should be rewarding and well-paid.
This perspective makes 14 weeks worth it to ensure you’re prepared for the next 35 year.
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