8 Best Web Development Courses For Beginners (FREE)

One of the best things about a career in web development is the possibility to get started right away. Learning web development is easy, unlike many other professions that require years or even decades of training. If you feel the passion for learning and discovery burning under your feet, you can start learning it today.
A free web development course is one of the best ways to get your toes in the water.
A coding bootcamp may be a great way to improve your skills, but it’s best to start by taking one of the many free online web development courses. These courses cover everything, from programming basics to advanced development best practices. We’ll be taking a look at the top web development courses, highlighting what each can offer you, and providing a selection of the best tools and links to check out.
These are the top eight online web development classes that you can use to get started.
1. Codecademy
Codecademy provides a series self-guided tutorials to help beginners learn the basics of web programming. You can start learning the basics of front-end programming languages like HTML and CSS in a self-contained environment. Then you can move on to back-end languages like Ruby on Rails or Python.
If you are looking for the basics of web design and structure, don’t miss the Make a Website and HTML &CS programs. To learn more about Ruby language, you can follow the Learn Ruby on Rails tutorial to create a basic functional website.
2. Khan Academy
This is a very useful learning site that covers many subjects. The computer programming section in particular is a must-see. There are a number of self-guided tutorials. Experts provide audio and/or visual guidance. Interactive on-screen windows display the code and output the results.
Don’t miss this great introduction to SQL database engine. It includes guided narration and even personal challenges where you are asked to write SQL to complete simple tasks. This series is great for learning the basics and animation using JavaScript.
3. MIT OpenCourseware
A wealth of self-guided courses are available from MIT, one of the most prestigious technical schools in America. The MIT OpenCourseware program offers a wide range of topics, including hundreds of courses related to programming, mathematics, and engineering.
Don’t miss Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, a comprehensive course that can be taken on its own. It includes all the resources and materials you need to get started in programming. A Gentle Introduction to Python Programming is a great resource to gain insight into this popular and well-designed backend language.
4. Coursera
Coursera is similar to MIT OpenCourseware and offers a wide range of online courses from a variety universities around the globe for free. This includes web development courses for beginners. Although each course is different in format and timeline, there are many courses available for programming, development and computer science to get a taste.
The Programming for Everyone course at the University of Michigan is a great beginner’s guide to programming. Although the course uses Python as the primary language, the course focuses on general programming concepts that can be applied to almost all languages over the years.
5. Mozilla Developer Network
Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has created a fantastic resource for developers of all skill levels and expertise through their Mozilla Developer Network. These tutorials, articles, and resources are ideal for those who prefer to absorb information and learn by using the tried-and true method of reading words and looking at examples directly on the page. There are many topics covered, including basic web introductions and front-end languages as well as common vocabulary and optimization and performance.
Don’t miss: Getting started with Web is a great resource to help beginners learn about websites and how to write and play with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
6. HTML5 Rocks
Although the interface is not very user-friendly and it can be difficult to find relevant articles, the HTML5Rocks site, which was created by Google, offers a wide variety of articles and tutorials on a wide range of web development topics. It is intended for both beginners and advanced developers.
Don’t miss… Getting started with CSS shapes is a great introduction to advanced CSS techniq