6 Tips to Build Effective Working Relationships

Alfonso Bucero said that understanding people is one the greatest assets one can have. He spoke at the PMI Global Congress EMEA London. He said that understanding others takes effort and time. It improves your ability communicate with them.
His presentation provided many tips and tricks for better understanding project stakeholders and building good working relationships with colleagues.
Here are 6 tips to build a strong relationship with your colleagues
Use the word “you”
Respect and recognize everyone
Share what you have in common
Show others you care
Help them
Ask questions.
Let’s take a closer look at these tips so you can apply them in your office.
1. The most important word is YOU
Alfonso stated that “YOU” is the most important word in conversation and when working alongside others.
These are just a few examples of how easy it can be to add this word to a discussion.
We are grateful
What is your opinion?
I appreciate your efforts
You did a great job
I want to get to know you better.

Understanding your colleagues’ thinking is key to building good working relationships.
It comes down to understanding what is in it for them. When engaging anyone at work on any project, think about what’s in the future and frame your message accordingly.
2. Respect and recognize everyone
Everyone has unique qualities. Recognize the differences within the team. Recognize differences in perspectives and celebrate each other’s ways of looking at things.
It’s okay. You can’t expect everyone else to work the same way. Don’t expect your colleagues to behave in that manner. Respect their work style as you would expect to be treated.
Emotional intelligence is so important. I think they are worth mentioning as key trends in project management.
3. Share what you have in common
Despite our differences, we have much in common. You may work for the same company. You might work on the same project. You may have similar experiences in terms failures and successes, successful projects and unsuccessful bids. You are likely to have similar emotional reactions to many life events to your colleagues.
When you feel the opportunity, share personal stories with colleagues. Encourage others to speak enthusiastically about their work and the things they are doing.
4. Show others you care
Encourage and support your colleagues. Listen to your colleagues. Listen to them.
“Apply your authenticity. “Speak what you believe and do what you say.”
Alfonso BuceroShowing people you care at work can take many forms, from active listening to gift hampers for the arrival a new baby (I got two of those, thanks to my work colleagues).
People will be more likely to recognize what you know if they know you care about their team and what happens to them. Alfonso stated, “Nobody knows how many you know until you care how much.”
Learn to be compassionate and accept that people’s reactions may not always be what you expected.
5. Help your colleagues
He said, “Anybody who helps someone influences a lot more bodies.”
It’s a great way of building long-lasting working relationships. It is a way to build social capital that can be very useful later.
Helping people at work includes everything from answering their phones while they are away, to answering their phones when they return, to helping them meet deadlines, and even coming in on weekends to help with a software release.
You don’t want your dog to be your dogbody. If you are unable to genuinly say no to every request, don’t.