Month: September 2022


NATO Center of Excellence Appreciation Award, thank you 3 NATO Center of Excellence Apreciation Award Who are CEO DAT? NATO’s Center of Excellence Defense Against Terrorism is a part of NATO. More information about CEO DAT can be found on their website Welcome Letter. On behalf of the COEDAT team, we welcome you to our Centre. Here, we focus our efforts in transforming NATO in counter-terrorism (CT). I want to congratulate your choice to take part in one of our highly-coveted CT-related activities. We exist “to offer key decision-makers realistic solutions to terrorist and CT problems.” You are our mission. We aim to have you with us as we work together to fight the global terrorist threat. We look forward to learning from you and sharing our experiences. CEO DAT presented me with the CEO DAT Apreciation Certificate for my contribution to their Defense Against Terrorism Course, along with my presentation on Advanced Persistent Threats. I will continue to support CEODAT as much as possible. Erdal NATO Center of Excellence Award Erdal The organization implements and enforces the North Atlantic Treaty, which was signed on April 4, 1949.

[3][4] NATO is a system for collective defense where its member states agree to mutual defense in response to any attack by any outside party.

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